Raid Rules

Our group philosophy remains unchanged.
Our aim is to have fun as a group and take down new content,
as always we are working together for the betterment of the guild and our fellow raiders,
not ourselves.

With Bfa the Loot rules are set for all at personal loot. With the exception of old raids where there is a Legacy loot option. More details can be found on sites like Wowhead.

*subject to change
Courtesy as always is key. All we really ask is for raiders to show respect to one another, so none of what is below should be new to any of you.


  • Accept or decline raid invites as soon as possible.
  • If unable to attend at the last minute, let the Raid Leader know as soon as possible.
  • All raiders are to be ready and online 15 minutes before the posted raid time
  • All raiders must come fully prepared with all pots, food etc. if you know you will be short, ask for assistance IN ADVANCE of raid night.
  • All raiders are expected to know the encounters being attempted on that evening and their role. (ie. watch fight videos)
  • Keep break times to the schedule. As you know we have team mates who stay up late / wake up early for raid. Please be courteous and not waste their time or ours.
  • All raiders are expected to maintain their toon, their gear and their performance to ensure an ongoing place on the team. Not working on gear and falling behind is something we track.
  • Declare your raiding main, switching toons is not to be done lightly with the need to maximise gear and balance our teams. Our guild is small but only so many roles are available at any given time. Northernfist has final say on any swapping of mains or toon substitutions to battle fight mechanics.
  • Northernfist reserves the right to bench any member of the team she deems necessary to advance the raid team as a whole.

    This could be due to various factors such as improper group makeup, personal chronic issues during fights (ie. unable to stay alive consistently during encounters / dying early often, poor dps/hps/ability to hold threat,), and poor attendance. Should be noted that if you are declining raid 50% or more of the time, we are inclined to discontinue sending invites to you until we see committment to raiding. Spots are few and our time is valuable, trying to replace the same people on a regular basis is unacceptable and difficult. Also, if you are benched, it may be only for 1 fight if you struggle on it and are holding the team back, but you may be brought back into the raid. Basically folks, the important thing to realize here that if you want to be a raider, you must be adult about it and understand that if you are not keeping up, you must face the facts that you can be sat. It’s painful to sit anyone but you are part of a team and must take the good with the bad and be gracious about it, even if you hate it. Believe us, we don’t like sitting anyone, but we will be aggressive about it if we feel it’s in the best interest of the team. There’s nothing personal in this. Just the way it is. So pay attention, study your class, study the fights and when we aren’t raiding, ask for help and continue to develop your main in order to improve your state.

  • Discord Chat and Decorum during raid.

    There are 3 types of situations here to be addressed.

  • The first is “Mechanics Chat”. This includes calling out incoming mechanics and calling out Heroism buffs. Northernfist will be assigning people in raid to do these things. Unless you see an emergency mechanic not being addressed/noticed by the team, please do not call out stuff unless assigned to do so. Heroism will be called out by Tanks or Raid Leader (Northernfist) ONLY, unless otherwise agreed upon. Those doing the actual Heroism buff will be assigned as well.
  • The second aspect is “General Chat”. There potentially are always more than a dozen or so members on TS during raid. We prefer that there is no non-essential chat during encounters and that during trash fights and downtime, that chat be kept to a point where a bunch of folks aren’t talking over each other, or interrupting others who are talking and that respect is applied in chat. Northernfist will now be policing any rudeness, escalation in conflicts and banter that results in undue offense being levied against anyone on the team. Be adult, keep it respectful, keep it civil. We don’t want to hear about your political, religious, national, or personal team member critiques in chat. Dick jokes as always, are allowable.
  • The third aspect is “Complaints”. If you have a complaint, notice someone doing something they shouldn’t be or are otherwise upset about something…please A) Do not call it out in Discord and B) Do not message Korgull about it. Direct all complaints in the form of a PST to Northernfist & she will address it, or she will escalate to Korgull if she feels the need to do so. We are firm on this and if you break decorum by losing your cool and berating a team mate for any reason, we reserve the right to remove you from raiding for the remainder of the evening. All minor raid concerns regarding rules or mechanics should be addressed to Northernfist as well.
  • Aspects of raiding that will not be changing include:

  • We will not allow Pugs in the raid with the exceptions of tryouts for the Raid Team. Tryouts will be limited to a maximum of 1 weekend of attempts and any further raiding will be subject to both, Northernfist’s approval to join AND you must become a full fledged member of the guild to continue on with the team.
  • Alts are not to be used unless expressly asked by the raid leader. The bottom line here is that we are working on the achievements of the raid team as a whole and we have no interest in gearing your alts or finishing their quests during periods of progression raiding.
  • Normal and Heroic Raiding:

  • We want to be somewhat more casual with our group regulations during Normal mode raiding. This means being lenient with players whose skill levels are suited for the easier challenges of Normal mode raiding, and the team being able to support somewhat larger groups in order to give people a chance to raid / see the content. However, you will still be required to maintain your toon and raid habits in all the above mentioned ways. And in the early stages of new raids, Normal raiding is considered to be progression as well, so please be aware that anyone can be sat, either temporarily per encounter or in the raid’s entireity if the situation dictates such an action. Heroic raiding spots will only be alloted to players whose gameplay is suited to that level of play and that your raid habits as well meet with our standards, as listed above.
  • Any and all Raid Rules may be updated, amended etc., as Leadership see’s fit, and without warning.