Guild Policy of Conduct

1. Your character names are to reflect Blizzard’s Code of Conduct. We will not allow in Integrity, names that are sexually offensive, demeaning to specific members of Integrity, Religiously or Racially intolerant or anything that depicts a malady or disease that could be deemed as insensitive. We also ask you to refrain whenever possible, from poaching other member’s names, (ex a toon named Krodees when we already have a Krodys) We know it’s impossible to avoid all examples of that, however, some people enjoy having a unique identity in the guild and we should try to all be unique wherever possible.

2. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Hate speech, Excessive swearing as a means of standard communication, and any language found to be dishonouring this guild and it’s members will not be tolerated. If you aren’t adult/intelligent enough to get along with others and your wit relies on debasing speech, you will be given one warning at best, or immediately expelled from Integrity. This not only means in our guild chat, but applies to open chat in Azeroth. You represent a good group of people and they deserve your respect and good nature.

3. We all represent a wide swath of cultures, beliefs, hobbies, ideals. However there is a time and place for everything. We ask that you not espouse your ideals upon anyone else in the guild and try to convert people to your religion, sports team etc to the point where you are aggravating others. Integrity is about World of Warcraft and for the most part, when dealing with others you don’t really know, to keep any fervorous or over-zealous opinions on things outside the game, to yourself. We aren’t in the business of offending others or trying to make them believe the world is flat or that the Oklahoma Tiddly Snoots are the best Blurnsball team in the world. It’s fine to talk about such things if the conversation is green lighted with whom you are talking about, but just don’t push it to the point where you are a pain.

4. Disparaging conversation about guild members in GChat is frowned upon. If you have something to say about a guild member for whatever reason, say it to whom you’re talking to in PST’s. We aren’t in the business of making fun of others in the guild when there’s no need for others to be involved that have no business in your conversation.

5. Being Helpful. Some people like to play alone in the game, others are group capable and outgoing. If someone needs valid assistance in game, please try to lend a hand once in a while if you can. However, also note, that if you are new to the guild and immediately start asking for constant runs through dungeons, asking for gold and generally being needy, you will probably be removed. It is the general nature of our membership to be independent and able to do a lot of the day to day stuff yourself and we admire those qualities. However, if you are helpful, then others will accord you the same benefits.

6. Conflict within the guild. All arguments in the guild are the perview of the Guild Master and the Deputy Leader. Simply put, if you are in a looping, unresolvable conflict about anything and it is affecting others around you, then Northernfist or Korgull will intervene and end the conflict. This seems like a vague rule, however, it will not be tolerated if fighting is pointless and others complain to us about it.

7. Sexual Harrassment.  As your Guild Master, I take very seriously, all reports of unwarranted sexual advances, conversation, or actions against all Guild Members.  If you are experiencing any situations where a member is creating an uncomfortable environment based on these grounds, they will be dealt with, and this can be done discreetly.  I have absolutely no tolerance for people who, for the sake of garnering personal pleasure, approach anyone here in Integrity. with the intent of illiciting a sexually based conversation that is not mutually acceptable to both.  I also will take a strong personal stance against any and all members of Integrity. who are married and attempt any “cybering” with guild members.  We are not an internet “Adult Friend Finder” site or guild and it would be an immediate expulsion from the guild should I find a married guild member doing this.  It’s disruptive to our guild and a dishonourable thing to do against an unwitting spouse who may or may not play this game with you.  You will not be invited back to Integrity should this occur.  What you do with your personal life is your business, but when it’s in my guild, I reserve the right to limit the guild’s contact with the perpetrator.  And I personally have no desire to associate with these type of people.

8. Ranks. The main benefit from ranks is the ability to guild repair. The Guild Master will assign ranks as he sees fit and furthermore, no one shall be promoted to any rank that doesn’t apply to an alt rank unless the Guild Master is informed prior to the promotion. Demotions however, can be applied by any rank that can do so in order to enforce rule breaking or to curtail hacking. Please do not ask the Guild Master for a promotion if you are new to the guild or simply think that you need more gold to repair with.