This is the end. We’re done. It’s over.

Well, for Integrity that is.

I’ve informed the Guild Officers and now it’s time to let you in on the news. I’m changing the name of the guild today, to THE SCARLET CRUSADERS. The reason for this is because, the name Integrity, just never stuck with me and I feel for many reasons, that I want the remaining years I have in the game to be more lore based and more about Warcraft than just being “another guild” on the server. I can talk to anyone who wants to know my reasons, in game or on Discord.

Other reasons for the change is that I want to breathe new life into the guild and do things we have never done before, and revitalise the guild and it’s membership. With the name Integrity, it was difficult for me to provide swag for the guild at a price that wouldn’t break me, thing made from scratch cost money and with my contacts in manufacturing, I’ll be able to provide prizes for contests , loyalty rewards etc. at a much more cost effective rate. Some of the items I can get as Scarlet Crusade merchandise are shown in pics below but I can get everything from towels, stickers, patches, coffee cups, shirts, hoodies, phone cases, etc and have a steady supplier for all objects. You deserve good swag and as we move forward there will be more ways to get it. Also I’ve been approached by many players outside the guild who love the old lore feel of things like the Scarlet Crusade, and I want old school players to come join us and have a new home to play in.

Also this coming year, I will be hosting our own very first YOUTUBE channel for the guild in which it will be available only to the membership. So when you play the game, you can get the latest guild and game news from myself and others and be able to interact with us on it through google hang outs and the chat feature. I will be building a studio in my home soon that will be SC themed to broadcast from and will from time to time have special guests on talking about a variety of in game topics to maybe just reviewing brands of merchandise, alcohol, etc. AND most exciting, I’m getting some game show props like spinning wheels , plinko boards, led programmable signage etc so that we can host online game shows where you the members can participate live and win prizes and have fun with us in real time!

Now there will be many changes coming, not just in the name and broadcasting of the guild, but I will be changing the ranks, building teams for PVP events, Mythic + groups, Dungeons, Quest Helping and general other contests in which you can pit your gathering skills, game play, game lore knowledge and other stuff, in order to keep us busy during down times. Also I would like to be able to celebrate everyone’s birthday’s in the guild so you can benefit from guild rewards on your special day

There are many other changes coming to the guild and one of them is that this will be the end of the Integrity Facebook Page. I have already created “The Scarlet Crusaders” Facebook page and will be inviting all current playing members to it as well as any alumni who wish to stay in touch. If you could, please send me your email address if I miss someone while inviting people to the new page. I have a lot of work to do, and don’t want to leave anyone out.

Come see me in game if you have any further questions and thank you for your loyalty as we move into new territory in our 12th year! There’s more news to come!!