Th’ natter like a pirate day 2018.

Sep 5, 2018 | Chiccaa, Competitions, Events | 0 comments

Yer Pilly Capn; Whìstler aka Chiccaa

This year sees th’ natter like a pirate day reach land on a Wednesday. Th’ 19th Wednesday o’ this fair month o’ September.

This ‘ere day bein’ th’ mighty centre middle o’ th’ week. I ‘ave enlisted th’ help o’ ye pirates capn’s t’ brin’ ‘n event o’ fun adventures wit’ booty ‘n o’ course transmog.

Let us begin our adventure in Stormwind Harbour. From thar we shall board a ship t’ Boralus where we shall get drunk by th’ fountain ‘n rate our pirate attire. PoE n me Parrot
fer th’ best dressed. Ye must be druink fer th’ whole adventure, ’tis th’ pirate way. We can supply grog.

From here will will vote on where t’ pillage. We be at this stage careenin’ towards th’ horde out posts in Zandalar.

If th’ less responsible scallywags wants t’ drink rum fer th’ event, anyone that forgets t’ natter like a pirate has t’ loot a shot o’ rum.


30th September 2018 at 2pm server

Starts at th’ Cathedral Stormwind.