August 2018

by | Aug 14, 2018 | gmotm | 0 comments

Good Day all and welcome to the August, 2018 instalment of our “Guild Member of the Month” award!

Today not only marks the Birthday of this member, but is also the reminder day that once a year, all must endure the blinding glare of the colour Pink on our tabard (and in your garrison if you ever visit such a place anymore). We’re talking about our beloved Cici Nolan aka Cicelle!! Happy Birthday, Cici!

She probably should’ve received this acknowledgement years ago, as she’s been part of our online family since our days back in the Insane But Medicated guild. However, better late than never and we hope that not only does she have a wonderful day today, but we should all thank ourselves she is part of our lives.

Friendly, funny, kind and witty, she personifies some of the best traits of our membership and we are proud to call her as one of our own. Cheers Cici!!

Until September!


So for the month of July I’d like to congratulate super awesome guildie, Meere for his warrior and pvp’ing ways, by giving him our GMotM award! Cheers, Meere! Til next month! (I already have this guildie picked out for August) :D

Cheers everyone! Korgull, GM